What is a Lifestyle Home?

Lifestyle Homes Gold Coast is dedicated to offering every customer personalized service and is determined to provide every project top-notch attention. To ensure top-notch quality and continuity, the Director of Lifestyle Homes Gold Coast will oversee each project of Lifestyle Homes. This includes homes, mls, apartments, and condominiums. The projects are also of a distinctive nature, with some resembling rustic bungalows of yore, and others resembling grand homes, century old villas, and chalets. Each has a unique architecture and style. And each resident has a personalized lifestyle experience.

Project Manager Craig Whitely is the brains behind all the projects. He is responsible for each and every aspect, from coordinating with suppliers, managing the budget, selecting suitable contractors, selecting design and location, and completing the interior and exterior design. He also ensures that all the required permits are in place. Craig is an active member of the local community as well, serving on local planning and environmental committees.

The Lifestyle Homes staff are enthusiastic, friendly, and committed to creating a green, environmentally-friendly and healthy lifestyle. All employees are encouraged to participate in community involvement. Staff have a strong commitment to recycling, reusing, and being responsible members of their communities. All the homes are certified by the National Green Building Council, with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable resources.

The Lifestyle Homes are designed to be sustainable, functional and attractive, with the long-term goal of “going green.” In design, everything is crafted to minimize energy use and natural resource consumption. Recycling and renewability are always at the forefront of the designs. The interiors are designed to be air and water-efficient.

The Lifestyle Homes Gold Coast offers some of the best locations in the country to choose from. They are in close proximity to major cities, such as Brisbane and Gold Coast, offering residents easy access to job opportunities, shopping, and cultural attractions. The location is just steps from beautiful beaches, recreational opportunities, and public transportation. The luxurious beach-front homes are located just a short distance from Phillip Island and Broadbeach, which offer outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean. The Lifestyle Homes is conveniently located near popular spots, including the Surfers Paradise, the Casino, and the Casino Gold Coast, making it easy for residents to access all of the places they want to be.

The spacious backyard and terrace areas are a feature of each home. These easy-to-navigate spaces are designed with privacy in mind. The lounge area is ideal for entertaining guests and relaxing. The large terrace and backyard space can be used for intimate dining or simple family dinners. The Lifestyle Homes is conveniently located close to key city locations, providing easy access to grocery stores, businesses, public transportation, and other important residential and commercial centers.

The Lifestyle Homes offers a convenient location for new residents as well as long-term rentals. Many of the properties are located in the most sought-after areas of the city. The location makes it easy for residents to access great jobs, entertainment, and cultural experiences. Each home offers a comfortable, spacious interior, premium appliances, and a modern design that meet the requirements of today’s occupant. The Lifestyle Homes is available in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for the newly-established couple, the family who wants a vacation home, or the business traveler who needs a home away from home.

For those who plan to live in the property for some years to come, the Lifestyle Homes is the right choice. They provide ample living space, with plenty of room to entertain visitors. With modern amenities, many of the Lifestyle Homes are located in the heart of the city, offering easier access to shopping, restaurants, public transportation, and other important residential and commercial centers. The luxurious home provides a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, away from the hustle of the daily grind. There is no reason why this could not be the perfect choice for you or your family. Contact a local real estate agent today to discuss the details of Lifestyle Homes.