So just what are these hydrogen car kits

But it seems that hydrogen generators for cars are nothing new and the technology has been around for some time. In fact I found out that these hydrogen car kits are widely available and at a price that almost everyone can afford. The prices seem to range between $100-$150 and are very easily installed as most of them come with a full guide to show you how. Cash For Cars Sydney

So just what are these hydrogen car kits?Basically in very simple terms what they consist of is a small container of water to which is added a catalyst, such as baking soda, and some stainless steel plates. This is then connected to your cars battery to supply a small amount of electricity. When all these components are put together in the proper way what you end up with is a small hydrogen generator.

Once this system is installed and up and running it is possible to extract hydrogen oxygen (HHO) also known as a brown gas by the use of electrolysis. This is a process were electricity is used to change water into HHO. As water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen this process separates the two hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom, basically converting the water into two flammable gases.