Get Connected With the Advanced Technology of Oppo A5S smartphone

The Oppo A5S boasts an incredible Waterdrop display which will enable you to see far more details than other smartphones. With a 16.7 cm dual LED ticker screen, the handset is secured by a Corning Gorilla Glass. Featuring 13 MP + 2MP rear cameras, this phone will allow you to capture superb photographs, thanks to the built in bokeh effect mode. If you are a nature lover, then this is the perfect smartphone for you.

This device has all the standard features oppo a5s of the Oppo A5S, but with a unique attribute. You can personalize your phone with an array of vibrant colors such as orange, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, and orange. Apart from its gorgeous color options, the Oppo A5S also offers a secondary color engine called ColorOS.

Apart from the exciting color options, the Oppo A5S also comes packed with features which make it stand out among other smartphones. For example, the camera has a built in image stabilization which ensures that you get crystal clear pictures even when you are in the midst of moving scenes. It also offers you a high density Super AMOLED screen which adds extra clarity to your pictures. To top it all off, the handset comes with an impressive 10,000 segment capacitive display. This gives you high contrast and color accuracy and hence makes your text and images look sharp and vibrant.

The Oppo A5S offers you a comprehensive range of connectivity options which is powered by the Flyme technology. It supports GSM, CDMA, TDMA, and dual SIM which allows you to make international calls at an extremely low price and without having to change your phone. If you want a device which can take care of all your connectivity needs, then this is the right choice for you. With an impressive connectivity feature, you can connect to a computer or a laptop and access your email, social media accounts and all your important data from anywhere you wish to. All this can be done with ease using the built-in web browser provided with the Oppo A5S and so you do not have to be concerned about connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot or wasting time in locating an available cell phone tower.

The Oppo A5S features a premium design which has made it highly popular among buyers. It comes in two variants namely the regular one and the extended version. The regular variant features the same hardware specification which has made it highly popular in the market. On the other hand, the extended version adds additional connectivity features and enhances the functionality of the Oppo A5S. You can use it along with the Oppo Elemis Pro 16 which has been launched by Oppo. The connectivity options in this smartphone are enhanced due to the presence of a large internal memory and the same can also be used along with the Bluetooth headsets.

With the advent of android OS 2.4, the memory of the Oppo A5S has been increased by over 50 percent from the original. This increase in the memory enables the user to store more data. The colorOS 6.0 of Oppo A5S comes with many new features which are based on the new Smarttalk platform. Along with these features, it also supports Hi Image and Hi definition videos which are now standard on most smartphones. These features make the device very easy to work with and enables you to enjoy the benefits of the advanced technology delivered by Oppo.